2018 Renewals


What is a BOC-3?

Blanket of Coverage for all 50 states.  The BOC-3 is a list of Process Agents upon whom court papers may be served  if a legal proceeding is brought against you, the Carrier/Broker/Freight Forwarder.  They will accept legal papers on your behalf and forward them on to you in a timely manner.   

The FMCSA requires that every Motor Carrier authority must have a BOC-3 processing agent on file before your vetting period will even begin. We are officially registered and recognized by the FMCSA as a Blanket Company.  As a Blanket Company we are able to file the BOC-3 electronically and you do not have to wait for the filing to post.  Without a BOC-3, your new authority will NOT be granted. Every Motor Carrier/Broker/Freight Forwarder will go through a vetting period of 12-18 days (or 10 weeks or longer for Household goods and Passenger Haulers) before their authority will be granted to operate.   
---Most importantly, your wait time will not begin until your BOC-3 and Insurance are both on file.---

Give us a call today  or order online to get your BOC-3 posted immediately!
Get started today for a one time fee of $50 with no annual renewal. 

**********Transportation Authority LLC is a private company and not a part of the FMCSA********** 

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